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Undergraduate Courses in the Writing Program

The Writing Program offers lower and upper division undergraduate courses and a Professional Writing minor. Many of these courses satisfy the university's general education Area A1 and A2 requirements. Undergraduate courses focus on study of and practice with writing for diverse audiences and purposes within specific contexts.

The Program's lower division courses introduce students to supported study or and practice with writing, analysis, and research expectations in the university context. Writing 1 (Introduction to University Writing) fulfills the UC-wide English Language Writing Requirement (ELWR). Students in Writing 1 study literacy practices in their own experiences and in the university more broadly. Writing 2 (Academic Writing) fulfills the UCSB Area A1 (English Reading and Composition) requirement. Writing 2 students study and practice with expectations for writing in specific contexts, often studying writing within specific academic disciplines or interdisciplinary areas. In Writing 50 (Writing and the Research Process), students focus on research practices.

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2019 Raab Writing Fellows

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2018 Raab Writing Fellows

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2017 Raab Writing Fellows

Upper division courses in the Writing Program immerse students in more focused study of and practice with research and writing in particular contexts. Writing 105 courses focus on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary writing, as well as on the study of writing itself. Writing 107 courses focus on writing in diverse professions. Writing 109 courses focus on studying and practicing with genres of research and writing within academic disciplines.

The Professional Writing minor provides students opportunity for intensive study and practice with writing in professional and meta-professional contexts. The minor includes four strands: Business Communication, Multimedia Communication, Professional Writing and Editing, and Writing and Civic Engagement (beginning Winter 2014). Students in the Minor enroll in a sequence of courses in the Winter and Spring terms before graduation, and participate in a writing-focused internship in local businesses or community organizations.