Raab Writing Fellows Program


The Raab Writing Fellows Program, funded by a generous gift from UCSB Trustee Diana Raab, provides opportunities for mentoring and research in writing to selected undergraduates. This fellowship would be valuable for students interested in pursuing graduate work or in developing a writing project with an expert in the field. The program supports the academic and professional writing of students via one-on-one work with Writing Program faculty. Moreover, students have the opportunity to collaborate with the cohort of other Raab Writing Fellows, building a strong bond and writing network for their activities at UCSB and beyond. 

Raab Writing Fellows can receive up to $750 in support for project needs (e.g., books, travel, software). Once accepted into the program, students enroll in Writing 131ABC, a year-long course sequence (four units spread out over three quarters) that provides resources and guidance for their project. Students can also concurrently take an independent study with their Writing Program faculty mentor in order to receive additional units.
Check the Raab Writing Fellows website for more information and descriptions of students' projects.