Bazerman Fellowship Recipients

Recipients of the Bazerman Faculty Fellowship include the following:

2018-2019: Kathy Patterson, Blogging and Threshold Concepts in First-Year Writing

I am particularly interested in the ways in which blogging can be used to introduce students to threshold concepts in Writing Studies and provide occasions for developing and practicing the “habits of mind” generally understood to facilitate a successful transition to college writing. I am also interested in the ways in which blogging can promote a sense of belonging for students for whom the transition to college writing—and college in general—may pose unique challenges.

2017-2018: Katie Baillargeon. Apprentices Becoming Masters: Dissertation Boot Camps and Aiding Dissertation Writers

“Go write a book without any help” is how one graduate student in the humanities described her dissertation process and the tenor of the advice she’s received from her advisors. My research focuses on UCSB’s Dissertation Boot Camp, our most recent initiative to aid graduate student writing, and how writing faculty can both help these writers and shape the conversation at the university as a whole. I argue that these retreats are helpful for a specific population—doctoral students in the middle, liminal stage of their dissertation—and that boot camps are an excellent way to begin thinking and talking about the much-needed systemic shift in focus to graduate student writers. To that end, I tie some concepts from FYC (first year composition) to better understand the dissertation writing process and why the retreats are useful.

2016-2017: Christopher Dean. Teaching First-Year Composition

My goal is to do for the teaching of first-year composition what Jim Burke, author of The English Teacher's Companion, did for secondary school English Language Arts teaching.  I want to blend sections of theoretical descriptions with narratives of classroom practice, and I want to also share the teaching materials I have amassed over 20+ years of teaching first-year composition courses across four disparate institutions.