Call for Proposals

Charles Bazerman Faculty Fellowship for Professional Development in Writing

The Charles Bazerman Faculty Fellowship for Professional Development in Writing (BFF) is a competitive, two-course fellowship available for one Continuing Lecturer in the Writing Program per year. The fellowship funds two course releases and is intended to be taken during the faculty member’s two-course teaching quarter. The BFF funds the faculty member to undertake professional development activity, broadly conceived, that is clearly related to her or his teaching in the Writing Program and to the field of writing studies more generally. Projects might include research related to teaching or to the discipline; the development of particularly innovative classroom material; programmatic innovations; the development of new technologies; or other efforts focused on pedagogy and/or research that are related to faculty member’s teaching and to the Writing Program more broadly. The project should be defined by the applicant such that it is reasonable to expect significant progress during the non-teaching quarter.

Applicants must hold continuing appointments of at least 67% at the time of their application for the BFF. Fellowship recipients will be able to apply again no sooner than during the sixth year of academic service after their award year, for a repeat award no sooner than the seventh year.

Funding Parameters
The BFF provides funding for two course releases. Recipients may apply for additional funding for research support from other sources (including, but not limited to, research assistance, supplies, and travel). Fellowship recipients may not receive additional grant funding for salary during the period of the fellowship.

Application Procedures
Proposals for the BFF are generally due fall quarter for a project to be undertaken during the subsequent academic year (e.g., proposals submitted in fall 2016 will be for projects to be undertaken during AY 17-18). 

To apply, continuing lecturers should submit a proposal of no more than four, double spaced pages that includes:
1. Proposal Narrative

  • A statement of the subject of investigation, research question, or focus;
  • An explanation of the relationship of the project to the faculty member’s teaching, the field of writing studies, and/or the work of the Writing Program;
  • A discussion of prior research that will inform the project;

2. Proposal Methods

  • A description of methods that will be used to undertake the project;

3. Timeline and Feasibility of Project

  • A timeline for the project and a statement of feasibility;

4. Preparation

  • A brief description of your preparation for the project; and

5. Outcomes

  • A description of the final product(s), including the possible genre(s) that will be used for the final products.

6. Supplemental Documentation (if necessary)

  • If the project involves activities taking place in another location (e.g., affiliation with an organization or business; observation of another course or program), the application should also include evidence of support from the collaborating or sponsoring organization, such as a letter expressing a willingness to collaborate or to permit observation.
  • If the project involves licensing or special permission, such as work with human subjects (i.e., interviews, observations, surveys), the faculty member will be expected to disclose such required documentation in the timeline and submit such documentation when required. If the project involves one or more collaborators, the faculty member will submit appropriate statement(s) from the collaborator(s) acknowledging this association.

7. Budget (if necessary)

  • If the project requires additional funding (research assistance, supplies, travel, etc.), the faculty member will provide a budget of expenses and sources of funding (actual or potential). Note that these costs will not be covered by the BFF.

Proposals should be submitted electronically (via email) to the chair of the Bazerman Faculty Fellowship committee.

Review Process
Proposals will be reviewed by a five-member committee appointed by the director of the Writing Program. If possible, the committee will be composed of at least four continuing lecturers including one or more past winners of the Fellowship, none of whom are applying during their time sitting on the review committee. The committee will include representation from across the specialties of experience and expertise in the Writing Program.

The committee will constitute review procedures and abide by these procedures in the process of review. The committee chair will inform candidates of the committee’s decision. Review of applications will take place during fall term and the winner will be selected by December of the year during which applications were submitted; the fellowship winner will then notify the director of the term during the subsequent academic year that she/he would like to take the fellowship. The final determination of 0-teaching (fellowship) quarter will be made by the director based on programmatic need and in consultation with the fellowship recipient.

Dissemination of Results
The selected BFF recipient will be expected to share results of her/his research at the Charles Bazerman Faculty Fellowship lecture, which will be held each year during fall quarter.