Paul Mena


Office Hours

Winter 2020 - please email for appointment

Office Location

Girvetz 1320


Paul Mena teaches Journalism and News Writing, Journalism for Web and Social Media, and Writing and Ethics. He received his Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Florida. His areas of research are journalism, misinformation, fact-checking, and credibility. His academic work has been published in Journalism Practice, Social Media + Society, and Policy & Internet. 


Mena, P., Barbe, D., & Chan-Olmsted, S. (2020). Misinformation on Instagram: The impact of trusted endorsements on message credibility. Social Media + Society6(2), 1-9.

Mena, P. (2019). Cleaning up social media: The effect of warning labels on likelihood of sharing false news on Facebook. Policy & Internet. 10(2), 1-19

Mena, P. (2019). Principles and boundaries of fact-checking: Journalists' perceptions. Journalism Practice, 13(6), 667-672.