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Patricia Fancher is a lecturer at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she teaches and researches digital media, technical rhetoric, and feminist rhetorics. Her research on gender and digital media has been published in Rhetoric Review, Present Tense, Computers & Composition and Enculturation. In addition to her research on digital media, she also designs and produces feminist digital media, which can be found in the Fall 2015 and 2016 issues of Peitho Journal. She is the Director of Outreach for the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition


PhD Clemson University

Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design
August 2014
Dissertation: Chiasmic Rhetoric: Alan Turing at the Intersection of Bodies and Words
Advisers: Steven Katz (Chair), Cynthia Haynes, Diane Perpich, and Travers Scott

MA Georgetown University

Communication, Culture and Technology
Graduated May 2009

BA Columbia College

Communication and Music (double major)
Graduated May 2005



Forthcoming Book: Embodying Computing. Studies in Writing and Rhetoric. Expected publication Spring 2020. 

 "Feminist Practices in Digital Humanities Research: Visualizing Women Physician’s Networks of Solidarity, Struggle and Exclusion" Peitho, 22.2. Winter 2020. with Gesa Kirsch, & Alison Williams.

My Body Is an ArchiveCatapult Magazine, Feb 10, 2020

“Social Networks as a Powerful Force for Change: Women in the History of Medicine and Computing.” Remembering Women. Ed. Lynee Lewis Gaillet & Helen Gaillet. University of South Carolina Press, 2019. with Gesa Kirsch 

"TechnoFeminist Design" Special Issue: TechnoFeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures, Eds Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Angela Haas, & Jackie Rhodes Computers and Composition Online. March 2019

“Misogyny in the Classroom: Two Women Lecturer’s Stories.” Composition Studies, vol. 46 no. 2, 2018. with Ellen O’Connell Whittet. 

The Oral History of Isla Vista Archive: Using Soundwriting to Tell Digital MicrohistoriesSoundwriting Pedagogies. Ed. Courtney Danforth Micheal Farris and Kyle Stedman. Computers and Composition Digital Press, 2018. with Josh Mehler 

 “Tropes of Feminine AI Sweetland  Digital Rhetoric Collective Blog, April 11, 2018. 

 "Embodying Turing’s Machine: Queer, Embodied Rhetorics in the History of Digital Computation." Rhetoric Review (2017): 1-15.

Designer, CFSHRC Feminist Tool Kit, Peitho 18.2, Fall 2016. []
“Composing Artificial Intelligence: Performing Whiteness and Masculinity” Present Tense 5.4, Fall 2016 []

“From Installation to Remediation” Peitho 18.1, Fall 2015.  (coauthored with Jenn Fishman)  []

Curator and web-developer, CWSHRC New Work Showcase, Published in Peitho 18.1, Fall 2015. []

with Carl Whithaus and Andrew Mara. “Review of Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work by Douglas Coupland” Enculturation 9:2 (2011), 21 December 2011.