Katie Baillargeon

Continuing Lecturer

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Girvetz 1312


Katie Baillargeon teaches a range of academic writing courses, from lower-division Writing 1, 2, ACE, and 50, to upper-division 105s and 109s like Writing in the Humanities, Writing in the Social Sciences, and Rhetoric. She also teaches 107L—Legal Writing—in the professional writing series. Each summer, she runs UCSB's Dissertation Write-in for graduate students across the campus. Her research interests include how these dissertation boot camps aid student writers, food writing, and 17th-century French opera.


Katie Baillargeon teaches several courses. For lower division, she teaches Writing 1, 2, 2LK with Music, and 50. The upper-division courses she teaches include 105R, 109HU, 109SS, 109V, and 107L. She also developed and runs the Dissertation Write-in first offered in September 2014 to help dissertators from across the campus work through the obstacles that impede writing progress.

For research, Katie wears 2 hats: first, she has a Ph.D. in Musicology and her research involves the transformation of mythological narratives in French Baroque opera; second, she is involved with IRB-approved studies on past dissertation boot camp participants and how these programs help dissertators.


Katie was the 2018 Bazerman Faculty Fellow.


"Dissertation Boot Camps, Writing as a Doctoral Threshold Concept, and the Role of Extra-Disciplinary Writing Support" Composition Forum 45 (Fall 2020)