Distinguished Teaching Award Goes to Professor Madeleine Sorapure

Award Recipient: 

Madeleine Sorapure

Award Date: 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Writing Program is delighted to share that our very own program Chair Dr. Madeleine Sorapure has awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2021. Dr. Sorapure has led the Writing Program as an outstanding model of caring, innovative, and rigours teaching. 

The award letter reads:

Dr. Madeleine Sorapure is an outstanding instructor, invigorating the teaching of writing at UCSB with a strong commitment to mentoring both in and outside the classroom. She brings her expertise in digital and multimodal texts and communication to the classroom, guiding students in how to communicate and how to transfer knowledge via writing, and giving students skills that go beyond the college classroom and into the workplace. Dr. Sorapure’s steadfast and commendable commitment to mentorship can be seen in the two endowed writing fellowships that she helped to create: the Raab Writing Fellows Program and the Gabler Promise Scholars Writing Program.

Students repeatedly comment on Dr. Sorapure’s accessibility, her genuine kindness, the way she supports students, the way she continually fosters student success and acts as a mentor long after the student graduates from UCSB. Student comments say it all: “She is genuinely humble, highly reliable, and sincerely approachable”; “learning under Professor Sorapure has been nothing short of phenomenal. She has an unmatched, kind presence that illuminates the room”; to sum it up, she is a “personal inspiration.” We commend Dr. Sorapure’s truly exceptional teaching, mentoring, and administrative accomplishments and are pleased to recognize Dr. Sorapure with a Distinguished Teaching Award.