Raab Writing Fellowship Showcase 2018

The Writing Program held the second annual Raab Writing Fellowship Showcase, celebrating undergraudate research. The Raab Writing Fellows Program, funded by a generous gift from UCSB Trustee Diana Raab, provides opportunities for mentoring and research in writing to selected undergraduates. At the Showcase, student fellows came together to discuss the culmination of their yearlong projects. This year's cohort embarked on interesting and ambitious writing research projects exploring: website design, activist work, political identities, the lived Latinx experience at UCSB, food waste, climate change, experimental story-telling, creative writing in the STEM majors, Christianity on campus, procastination, and the continuing development of the Spectrum Literary Journal produced by the College of Creative Studies.

The Raab Fellows, with guidance from their faculty mentors, get a chance to embark on extensive research projects and to engage in the wide-ranging areas of Writing Studies; many use this opporutnity to explore how writing works within the university, but also how writing is ultilized in our various communities. As Raab Fellow Komal Surani put it, writing "can't be something we say; it has to be something we do."

2018 Raab Writing Fellows and Mentors